Client Testimonials

“Working with Elliot and the hypnosis mp3s has given me a great tool to use when it comes to tilt. I now feel more confident that I have the tools to deal with any issues that would have caused me to spew off buyins in the past. I look forward to playing now instead of dreading whether or not my “tilt monkey” will be out today.” (JM)



“The MP3 is amazing! When I started playing, after listening to it, I couldn´t belive how focused I felt. It was like everything slowed down matrix-style.” (ML)


“I play mostly live cash and tournaments. I find that listening the the mp3 once everyday helps keep my mind in line with my goals at the poker table. It is slowly becoming easier to be “in the zone” while at the table. In addition I am learning to recognize when my mind is not in the right place to grind a long session. I believe that psychology and mental awareness play a huge role in poker and this is a great tool to help you improve on those aspects of the game. Keep up the good work Elliot” (NM)


“I gave this MP3 a shot when I felt that my game was drifting from the A level. I felt relaxed and comfortable after the mp3 and over the weekend, I was able to win nearly 10k at the cash games. It’s no coincidence, his MP3 helped me to remain focused throughout the long grind of Super Bowl Weekend” (HC)


“I wouldn’t say the mp3 has helped me get rid of my tilt issue but it has definitely improved it a lot. I definitely feel calmer and a ton more focused when playing compared to normal. I feel like I can handle a couple more tables than I could before. My results have been better as well, e.g I’ve just played a session where I got 2 outered for 100bb twice and ran AK into a maniac who had AA preflop in a BvB spot. I still came out with a 130bb profit at the end of it though.

Normally this would have turned into a nightmare losing session for me due to tilt.

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