Welcome to Poker-Hypnosis

Welcome to poker hypnosis it is our aim to help you improve your poker using the powerful art of hypnosis.

Many professional players agree that poker is a game fought in the mind and that success comes with clarity of thought and a positive mindset. Unfortunately even with the best intentions sometimes even the very best players start to tilt and play hands they know they shouldn’t. You can also see that best UK real money blackjack, blackjack.org.

Hypnosis activates your subconcious and this allows for quick changes to be made to long held emotional responses, confidence and focus. Within just a few sessions of hypnosis you will find yourself in a better mind set on the table, you will have control over tilt and be able to read your opponents far more naturally and easily use blackjack.org basic strategy cards.

The mind is a powerful tool and once it is working in synchrony with your desires success will quickly follow.

We offer multiple Mp3′s to help with your game and one-2-one sessions in London and Las Vegas, email for booking availability.